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From acquisition to disposition, Logista has you covered.

Our exclusive stack of Lifecycle Services and end-to-end asset management will help you plan, procure, implement, manage, and retire all assets within your IT infrastructure.

Managing all the moving parts of your IT infrastructure isn’t easy. Leaving IT assets unmanaged will inevitably increase costs, hinder performance, and pose security and compliance risks.

Common Asset Management Challenges

  •      Distributed management/ownership of IT assets
  •      Lack of visibility impacting audits and validation
  •      Lack of policy enforcement
  •      Financial, compliance and security risks
  •      Shadow IT and external purchasing

The Solution

End-to-end asset management helps ensure that assets are properly managed and functioning at peak performance throughout their life cycle.

  •      Acquisition
  •      Configuration
  •      Installation
  •      Maintenance
  •      Relocation
  •      Upgrades
  •      Disposition

What is IT asset management and what is the process Logista takes?

IT asset management (ITAM), or asset lifecycle management, is the process Logista takes to make sure your business’s IT assets are properly deployed, upgraded or maintained, and disposed of when needed. This includes hardware, software and valuable data. Logista creates an overarching plan (or set of “rules) for these assets, for when and how they should be installed, maintained, upgraded, and disposed of. Importantly, Logista oversees IT asset management from conception to completion, so it’s entirely managed for you.

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