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Source, manage and measure your IT vendors with Logista's Procurement Services.

Logista's IT Procurement Strategy Consulting

For many businesses, gaining control over procurement processes is the first step toward bringing costs under control. Logista can help assess your current procurement practices and recommend improvements based on best practices for your industry.

Common Challenges

It’s not easy to correctly implement an IT procurement strategy.

  • Negotiating with OEMs isn’t simple
  • Internal talent and skill gaps can limit holistic assessments
  • Managing license agreements can be complex
  • Overcoming gaps in maintenance plans
  • Implementation mistakes are costly

Business Outcomes

Achieve your strategic goals quickly. By implementing IT procurement best practices, you will be able to optimize your IT spend with the right strategy, execution plan and performance measurements.

  • Operational efficiency
  • Expense control and budget predictability
  • Vendor and invoice consolidation and simplification
  • Compliance and security to protect against cyber threats and costly fines
  • IT roadmap and plans for future projects

What is procurement strategy consulting?

Simply put, Logista’s procurement consultants will help you buy products/services that help your business reach its IT goals. There are so many options of hardware, software and IT services on the market today, and one size does not fit all. Logista’s procurement consultants will comb through it for you, and present only the best options for your unique business.

What are the benefits of procurement strategy consulting?

Benefits of procurement strategy consulting include reduced, improved supply chains, easily evolve to changing market demands, maintain great supplier relationships and overall operational improvements.

Ready to make a change?

Let’s have a conversation about your IT strategy and how Logista can help your business.