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About Logista Solutions

From our founding in 1983, Logista has grown to be a nationally recognized leader in a broad range of technology management solutions. Today, Logista Solutions is one of the largest technology support providers in the United States. We are trusted by Fortune 1000 corporations and vertical market leaders to provide innovative and structured IT support solutions and systems integration.

How We Help

Our financial strength, depth of industry talent, and independently developed support methodologies reduce our clients’ costs and increase productivity. Together, we create adaptive technology infrastructure which streamline business and support processes, increase competitive advantage, and support new and cost-effective initiatives for productivity and company growth.

Our Guiding Principles for Every Project

  • Develop a flexible framework that can quickly adapt in a dynamic business environment 
  • Streamline projects and remove unnecessary complexity wherever possible 
  • Focus on the customer’s business as well as technology goals 
  • Apply measurable service levels so our customers can see the value in their investment 

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