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Optimizing your people, processes and technology.

Onboarding Steps

We take the time to diagnose before we prescribe your technology solution. This allows our experienced IT team to ensure your success when onboarding new technologies.

Prior to onboarding, your Logista team will evaluate the following to prevent avoidable mistakes.

  • Evaluation of your IT infrastructure
  • Inventory of relevant technologies
  • Measurement of current processes and outputs
  • Resource Availability including people & technologies
  • Communication with key contacts and stakeholders

Implementation Services & Deployment

Logista’s ability to implement new technologies could be our biggest strength. During this critical phase, we establish specific, measurable steps to engage your people and optimize your processes.

Here are some popular components of our implementation services.

  • Technology Roadmap with timelines and milestones.
  • Phased Approach to ensure success at every level/location.
  • KPI’s & Ongoing Measurement to benchmark your ROI
  • Ongoing Support as needed to ensure success
  • Status Updates & Communication with main contacts and stakeholders

We're ready when you are.

Let’s have a conversation about your current onboarding strategy and how Logista can help your business.