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Since being forced into it with the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work environments are becoming more of a norm for many businesses. In the two years since the panic of rushing to learn how to use communication tools like Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Cisco Webex, users have some experience under their belts. Looking to the future, their focus is moving toward what unified communication (UC) features are most valuable in their eyes.

Whether you are still remote or working with a hybrid workplace, here are nine UC features businesses want.

1. Keeping Simple

The most desired UC for users is for technology that is easy to use, such as making it easier to join online meetings. Of course, you do need to stay mindful of the fine line between being easy and being secure.

2. Option for High-Quality Audio

An issue for many remote workers is having a weak internet connection that makes it difficult to use bandwidth-sucking video conferencing. Having a high-quality audio option where users can dial into meetings is a want for many.

3. Improved Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has come a long way and is now used by 82% of companies with a remote workforce. Make sure your app is meeting the needs of your users.

Man working from home using unified communications technology

4. Real-Time Transcription for Meetings

Business has always moved fast, but when you are conducting a meeting online, sharing screens and messaging with co-workers, if you blink, you could miss something. Having real-time transcription for your meetings is a nifty AI feature to consider making your users lives a little easier.

5. Sidebar Messaging & Chat

One of the things that people miss when collaborating online vs in-person is the ability to discuss and bounce ideas off each other. Having UC features like sidebar messaging and chat can help maintain that “working as a team” feeling.

6. Screen Sharing

Screen sharing has been used for a long time, but it is still a very useful UC feature. Being able to share screens during a meeting is an often-needed collaboration tool.

7. Virtual Background

Having access to virtual backgrounds during video chats might seem more of a want than a need, but it is one of those UC tools your users can have a little fun with. It can also increase the number of users who are willing to be seen during video chat, especially if they don’t have to worry about others seeing their unmade bed in their makeshift bedroom office.

8. Mobile Apps

Many businesses were already on the way to using tools to allow for a more mobile workforce before the pandemic hit. With team members spread out now, having multiplatform mobile apps can make it easier for users to connect to online meetings.

9. Integrated Muting & Noise Suppression

Dogs barking, loud TV or kids screaming quickly became common disruptions during online meetings early in the pandemic. Various apps have taken this into account and have integrated background noise suppression and muting into their UC features.

Yes, unified communications were around in various capacities before the pandemic struck. But with necessity driving the force behind many innovations, it is time to review the UC features your business is using and upgrade where needed.

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