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Today, technology is playing an ever-larger role in our daily business dealings. From how we create and collaborate, to how we communicate, technology is a vital part of how we conduct business. So, does your business have a technology roadmap? Are you focusing on how your IT strategy can help you drive your business forward?

When it comes to having a business plan, most businesses have set business goals and objectives. However, many organizations don’t understand the importance of having a plan when it comes to their technology needs, now and into the future.

A technology roadmap can help you better understand the current state of your technology, what your current IT infrastructure can handle, and whether it’s able to support your business goals and objectives moving forward.

Read on to learn more about the functions and benefits of having a technology roadmap.

What Exactly is a Technology Roadmap?

Much like a business plan, a technology roadmap is a long-term IT strategy that helps you evolve your IT infrastructure and applications based on your business needs today, and into the future. It is a document that helps you to understand how technology will support your overall business goals and strategies. A technology roadmap documents the strategic direction you want your business to go, and makes sure that you have the technology necessary to support your business goals.

Business people meeting to discuss technology roadmap.

A good technology roadmap has several business functions including:

• Assessing the capabilities and skills of your IT team

• Creating a prioritized list of projects you’ll need to undertake to ensure your IT infrastructure can support your business goals

• Assessing and auditing your current IT infrastructure and applications, comparing them to industry standards and best practices

• Building a gap analysis between your current IT infrastructure and your future business needs

• Understanding and estimating the costs of future technology purchases and deployments

A good technology roadmap will get your entire team, including management and staff on the same page. It’s basically a plan for discussing, budgeting, and deploying the assets needed for short-term needs and long-term growth.

Key Benefits of a Technology Roadmap

Creating and implementing a technology roadmap can provide some significant benefits to an organization. These include:

• Assessing current IT capabilities to give a clear picture of how they align with your business goals

• Addressing current technology issues

• Lowering costs as you remove inefficient and unnecessary technology and applications

• Boosting productivity as you provide the right tools to your team

• Improving network, system, and data security

• Avoiding significant system failures by identifying gaps or weaknesses within your IT infrastructure

Having a technology roadmap can give your team a strategic advantage for making informed future investment decisions, managing technology projects, and helping leadership chart a course for future growth.

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