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Recruiting the right IT staff can be a challenging process. With digital transformation accelerating, the race is on to find the talent that best meets your company’s changing needs. One of the biggest challenges companies face is the gap between their needs and the talent available. The bottom line is there are more jobs available than professionals ready to fill them.

If you want top-tier talent, here are some IT recruiting tips to help attract and hire the most qualified candidates.

Understand the Position
HR hiring managers aren’t necessarily technology experts. They may not understand the differences between a cloud engineer and a cloud administrator but understanding them is crucial to making an effective hire. To attract the best talent, you need a thorough understanding of the position you are trying to fill! This can help you weed out unqualified candidates quickly.

Know Your Ideal Candidate
Once you understand the technical element, think about who you want to fill the position. Create a persona of your ideal candidate. Consider market demographics as well. 

recruiting concept. magnet attracting candidates.

Know What They Want
Because talent is at a premium, qualified professionals have the power to choose the job that is best for them. If you want to create that opportunity, understand what they expect. Salary, benefits, location, work/life balance, and company culture are all factors that your candidate may find important. Include these in your job description to attract the right talent.

Build a Better Network
Having a solid network is critical in IT management. But it’s also crucial for those seeking IT positions. The stronger a candidate’s personal network is, the easier it will be for them to find work. However, it’s important to understand that many job seekers today take a more passive approach. Many excellent candidates are not actively seeking a position but may be open to the right opportunity.

Work With a Managed IT Services Provider
Today, recruitment doesn’t necessarily mean a permanent hire. Working with a service provider you’ll immediately have access to qualified workers to complete a particular task or project. An IT Services provider lets you forgo the expense and time of the hiring process.

In today’s competitive job market recruitment can be frustrating. Offer a clear direction and plenty of incentives and you’ll draw the top talent. With the right tactics, you’ll find the person who can keep you current with the rapidly changing technology landscape!

About Logista Solutions

Logista Solutions is a nationally recognized leader in a broad range of technology management solutions. As one of the largest technology support providers in the U.S., Logista provides innovative and holistic solutions to help companies take control of their IT infrastructure and achieve better business outcomes. Popular services include Managed IT as a Service, VoIP and Unified Communications, Managed Print, Cloud Services and Asset Disposition.