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Leading up to the peak of hurricane season, it is important for you to have a checklist that will protect your business’s IT systems and data. Hurricanes wreak havoc and cause damage to goods and tech appliances to the tune of millions of dollars.

For the sake of business continuity, a backup plan is a must to protect your business’s data from storms, hurricanes, and natural disasters. Not having such a strategy might end up being catastrophic for your business since it decreases the chances of recovery after disaster strikes.

Here’s a checklist we have compiled that prioritizes data and IT infrastructure protection in case of a hurricane incident.

1. Having On-Site and Off-Site Backups

Ensure your business has an on-site backup data center, and to further secure your data, invest in an off-site backup data site. Having an off-site backup is a great practice for your business since the data is safeguarded from loss when critical hardware is damaged in a hurricane event.

2. Evaluating and Making Inventory of Your Systems

Assessing and taking stock of all your valuable hardware and software assets helps you prepare for emergencies, including hurricanes. The inventory should be extensive and include all details, for instance serial numbers, operating systems, device models, and licenses. Such a move goes a long way when claiming insurance for devices and systems damaged.

3. Use Cloud Technology

Replicating all critical data on the cloud creates virtual backups which can be remotely accessed. Such a step reinforces the protection measures against loss when on-site systems are destroyed. Additionally, it bolsters the recovery process and also supports the continuity of your business after disaster strikes.

4. Have a Total Disaster Recovery Plan in Place

Having a thoroughly defined disaster recovery plan for processing critical applications in the event of a major hardware or software failure, extended outage, or the loss of a building can help ensure reduced downtime.

5. Conduct Regular Tests of the Backups

Test your backups and recovery systems regularly to ensure swift data restoration and business operations resumption after a hurricane.

How to Protect Your IT Hardware

On top of securing your facilities and buildings, these are some tips on how you can protect your electronics in case of a hurricane:

  • Shut down and unplug all machines prior to the event to prevent damage from power surges
  • You can move all electronics to a safe room and store them above ground in case of floods
  • Unplug all cables, including ethernet from machines and docking stations
  • Use dry bags or wrap plastic covers over the electronics

Consider implementing the above strategies to protect your business’s systems from damage in case of a hurricane.

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