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As businesses grow and expand their networks, network device provisioning can present significant challenges. Configuring and provisioning network devices manually often leads to errors, decreased productivity, and longer deployment times. Fortunately, Cisco DNA can help businesses automate their network device provisioning processes, reduce errors, and improve efficiency. To learn more we spoke to Erik Albritton, Senior Network Engineer at Logista Solutions. Here are his insights!

What is the biggest challenge with network device provisioning? 

Erik’s response: One of the issues that customers face, and I face as well, is network device provisioning. Right now, we’ve got a network replacement project going on that involves 70 or 80 switches. It’s a daunting task to configure all of these switches manually and update their code before they’re put into production. One of the huge advantages of using Cisco’s DNA is the plug-and-play feature, day zero provisioning. 

Cisco DNA is an absolute time saver and makes life a lot easier, with a lot fewer errors too.

– Erik Albritton, Senior Network Engineer at Logista Solutions

How can Cisco DNA simplify network provisioning and upgrades while reducing errors?

Erik’s response: With Cisco DNA I now can take switches completely unconfigured, plug them into the network, and they will dynamically find their way back to the DNA server. At this point, DNA will automatically upgrade the code on them to the gold code that I specified, automatically download a day zero configuration with all my base configuration, and then dynamically download my day one and day two configuration that is specific to that switch – all without me having to do anything. Cisco DNA is an absolute time saver and makes life a lot easier, with a lot fewer errors too, because I’m not having to configure 80 switches individually. With DNA, I can create my base configuration and it pushes it out automatically. It’s all hands-off and a huge time saver.

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