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Did you know that relying on paper-based processes in your business exposes you to significant security risks? Transitioning to secure digital solutions is important for safegarding sensitive data and protecting your business from potential threats. 

Here are the top five security risks business face when relying on paper.

1. Damage to Critical Information

Paper documents are susceptible to water damage, fire, or any other catastrophic event. Such events can lead to the loss of critical information that can have a significant impact on a business’s operations. Additionally, handling and storage of paper documents can cause wear and tear, which can result in the information contained in them becomes faded or difficult to read.

2. Mismanaged Information

The mishandling of paper documents – through misplacement or loss – poses a security threat to businesses. Unauthorized access, data breaches, or regulatory non-compliance may occur as a result of mishandled documents. For instance, if a document containing sensitive information is misplaced, lost, or stolen, it could fall into the hands of unauthorized parties, causing significant damage to a business.

3. Improper Document Disposal

Incorrect disposal of paper documents can pose a security threat to businesses. Paper that is not correctly shredded or destroyed can be retrieved by unauthorized individuals who may use the information for nefarious purposes. This can be detrimental to businesses, particularly for those that deal with sensitive information, such as health care providers and financial institutions.

4. Lost, Destroyed or Stolen Documents

Paper documents are more prone to loss, destruction, or theft than electronic documents. Human error, forgetfulness, or negligence can cause important documents to disappear or fall into the wrong hands. This increases the chances of someone accessing sensitive information or using it for fraudulent activity.

5. Difficulty in Sharing Information

Paper documents cannot be shared easily, nor can they be tracked and controlled effectively. Sharing documents is slow, and distributing them is difficult, which means that access control becomes complicated and security measures less effective. This further leaves businesses vulnerable to cybercrime.

Protecting a company’s confidential information from any external or internal threats must be high on the list of priorities. Paper-based document management systems provide serious challenges that businesses must address to avoid serious consequences. Investing in a document management solution can provide businesses with an effective and secure way of handling and managing sensitive data. It not only ensures the safety of critical documents but also offers a user-friendly interface that makes sharing documents easier and more secure. Embracing digital solutions is a smart move that can safeguard your important information from potential risks.

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