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Today, the way that businesses purchase IT and software has changed. As cloud-based applications and software-as-a-service have become commonplace, there has been a move away from the traditional model of purchasing and IT maintenance. Today, many organizations are moving toward a subscription-based model like IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS).

Companies can have access to the newest technologies and features, built-in high-level security, predictable costs, and the highest levels of service delivered as a monthly subscription model.

IT technician talking to businesswoman about IT as a Service.

The IT-as-a-Service Solution

The ITaaS model can provide a complete turnkey solution including 24/7 technology support and maintenance, software licensing and upgrades, and the latest cutting-edge security for a predictable monthly charge. An ITaaS solution can be delivered from an office, data center, or the cloud. Some ITaaS providers may also offer DaaS (Device-as-a-Service) where a company’s servers, firewalls, desktops, and laptops are included in the monthly subscription.

With ITaaS, benefits include:

  • 24/7 Service Desk – Support is probably the most important component of any IT support agreement. The service desk is the point of contact for the team allowing them to log technical issues and get application support and information. Most companies rely on their infrastructure 24 hours a day. 24/7 support covers remote workers, and global business needs.
  • Pro-Active Monitoring – With pro-active monitoring, any issue can be identified before it becomes something serious that impacts a business. The network, platforms, and devices are tracked for utilization, health metrics, and any anomalies are addressed and repaired before they become critical, resulting in improved uptime. 
  • Patch Management – Keeping systems up-to-date is critical for both reliability and security. ITaaS offers a pro-active patch schedule to that gives a business access to the latest features, enhancements, and security fixes. A patch schedule ensures that systems are less vulnerable to exploitation.
  • A Subscription-Based Business Model – What separates ITaaS from traditional IT services is its subscription-based business model, allowing for ease of budgeting. An ITaaS provider should also offer an extensive catalog of services to choose from, with transparent pricing.
  • Flexible Delivery – The strength of ITaaS is its flexibility. The subscription model allows scalability of services up or down based on need. This flexible model allows a business to better plan cash flow and project operational expenses without the need for capital expenditures or holding assets on the balance sheet.

Explore the Benefits of IT-as-a-Service

With the flexibility to scale up or down with changing IT needs, IT-as-a-Service can provide the tools a business needs and offer an improved user experience. Automatic updates mean a business will always have access to the latest software versions, as well as the latest features, enhancements, and security.

About Logista Solutions

Logista Solutions is a nationally recognized leader in a broad range of technology management solutions. As one of the largest technology support providers in the U.S., Logista provides innovative and holistic solutions to help companies take control of their IT infrastructure and achieve better business outcomes. Popular services include Managed IT as a Service, VoIP and Unified Communications, Managed Print, Cloud Services and Asset Disposition.