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If you’ve ever considered engaging with a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider, it’s important to understand what the service entails before choosing a partner. MPS is about much more than just fixing printers and ordering consumables. An MPS solution can help your company cut costs, streamline workflows, improve processes, provide better service to customers and your team, and improve security.

This post will help define Managed Print and answer some of the most common questions asked about Managed Print Services.

So, What is Managed Print Exactly?

A Managed Print Services provider is a third party that offers a selection of services that address the issues surrounding your company’s print environment, workflows, and processes.

An MPS provider offers remote fleet monitoring, will proactively address printing issues before they become critical, increase efficiency, and reduce or eliminate downtime.

Three Common MPS Questions Answered

There are several key questions to answer when considering a Managed Print solution. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about MPS:

1. How Does Managed Print Work?

First, your MPS provider will assess the current state of your print environment, processes, and workflows to gain an understanding of where any bottlenecks might be, and where there is room for improvement. Next, they will examine your equipment, learn how your team uses it, how supplies are stocked, and where devices are in their lifecycles. Then they will work to develop a print strategy that aligns with your company goals.

Busy office. Streamlined workflows because of Managed Print Services.

2. How Does Managed Print Improve My Business Operations?

After assessing your print environment and gaining an understanding of how your business works, an MPS provider can:

• Identify redundancies and eliminate obsolete, underused assets.

• Provide consistent billing with an easy to understand, all-inclusive monthly invoice.

• Implement rules, protocols, and processes to standardize your print environment and dramatically reduce costs. These include limiting the printing of color documents, defaulting devices to two-sided, black and white prints, routing jobs to the most cost-efficient devices, and much more.

3. Does Managed Print Improve Cybersecurity?

Today, printers and MFPs are sophisticated networked devices. Because of this, they are an often-overlooked potential vulnerability. An MPS provider will address issues like keeping devices patched and updated, eliminating back door opportunities for hackers, changing printer network passwords, issuing PIN numbers or identifiers, and other measures to secure your printers from internal and external threats.

The Benefits of Managed Print Services

The bottom line? A Managed Print solution can lower your costs, streamline workflows, reduce consumables use, and can free up your in-house IT team’s time to focus on core business initiatives. Companies of every size in any industry can benefit from a Managed Print solution.

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