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The plain old telephone service (POTS), popularly known as Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), is retiring after serving for over a century. In August 2019, the Federal Communications Commission of the U.S gave an order to switch off POTS by August 2, 2022.

However, as the deadline draws near, some businesses continue to use the old telephone system. What will the switch-off mean to them, and what alternatives do they have? Read on to find out.    

Why Businesses Continue to Use Copper Lines

Since the emergence of the internet, communication has been evolving rapidly. But some are still using POTS because:

  • Telephone lines have been working well over the years. Hence, some businesses don’t see the need to change.
  • Some organizations still use legacy systems that rely on the copper telephone system. These include fax machines, fire alarms, and building access systems.
  • Old telephones continue to work even when there’s a power outage. They have a separate power source that makes them quite reliable.
Copper phone lines.

However, POTS has its drawbacks. It uses a physical medium that’s prone to damage and vandalism. As traditional telephones become obsolete, the cost of using them will increase. Financially, it won’t make sense to continue using them if only a few people do. After all, the old telephone system can’t keep up with the growing needs of modern businesses.

How Will the Switch-Off Affect You

If your business uses an analog fax machine for communication, it will be adversely impacted by the switch-off.  It will be unable to work over the fiber optic systems that use digital signals.  You will have to replace equipment to work with the new system.  This still could lead to a loss of efficiency.

A solution to the change-over would be using cloud faxing. This alternative lets you receive fax messages to your email or web portal. Plus, you don’t need to buy additional hardware or software. Best of all, you don’t have to be on the business premises to receive messages. You can send and receive fax messages from anywhere without worrying about security. 

Today, the fiber optic connection has spread, not just to businesses but also to residential homes. It supports 5G speed, making it a perfect alternative. With high-speed internet, organizations can conduct all communication tasks online. So, before the switch-off deadline comes, make the transition, and enjoy the many benefits of using the cloud.

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