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Cybercrime was rising in the years before COVID-19, but it exploded as shutdowns and remote work gave cyber criminals a new opportunity ripe with possibilities. The millions of employees that were sent to work from home mostly lacked the robust security found at the office. Being new to remote work, many were unfamiliar with proper protocols opening the door to bad actors.

Today, as the hybrid work model takes hold, businesses need to be more diligent than ever when it relates to cybersecurity and understand exactly what they are up against. Here are some eye-opening cybersecurity facts.

SMBs Are as Likely to be Breached as Big Organizations –  Verizon 2021 Data Breach Report

In the past, small businesses were rarely targeted. Not today. A small business typically lacks the people and resources to mitigate the risks of an attack.

Phishing Increased by 34% in 2021, Remaining the Top Cyber Crime –  FBI

Email continues to be the top access point for cyber criminals. This proves the importance of cybersecurity awareness training.

Frustrated woman dealing with a cyberattack.

3.3 Out of 4 Businesses fell Victim to Ransomware, up 61% from 2020 – Mimecast

According to Mimecast, 64% of those attacked paid the ransom, but four in 10 never recovered their data. 

Every Hour of Downtime from An Attack Costs an Average of $250,000 – Acronis

When a business network is breached, it doesn’t just impact its workforce. In addition to potential financial impacts, there is also the issue of losing your reputation and the trust of your customers.

Employees Who Don’t Follow Protocols are the Biggest Risk – Untangle

Many remote workers are not familiar with technologies like using VPNs, opening the door to increased risk of attack. Since many companies are implementing a hybrid work model, incidents due to lack of knowledge or training are expected to increase.

In 2020 the FBI Reported a 137% Increase in Tech Support Fraud Losses

Tech support fraud occurs when critical data is provided to someone posing as a tech or customer support person. This stat reinforces the importance of vetting vendors and working with service providers you know and trust.

These statistics may serve as a wake-up call for SMBs. If you’re a small business with a limited budget, working with a Managed IT provider can significantly lower your risks.

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