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We all hear about high-profile ransomware attacks like the Colonial Pipeline hack last year that impacted energy delivery from Texas to New Jersey. Hackers have crippled businesses and hospitals, hacked law enforcement databases and paralyzed municipal systems. 

But it’s not just “the big companies” that are the targets of a breach; today, every organization is at risk. Cybercriminals are constantly looking for the one crack in security they need to launch their attacks. Oftentimes that isn’t a “what,” but a “who.” Major attacks can begin when an unsuspecting employee opens a seemingly legitimate email attachment or visits a compromised website.

Your Best Defense: The Human Firewall

Cybercriminals are becoming so sophisticated that they only need the smallest bit of information to exploit your network. While cybersecurity software can protect your systems, unaware employees can easily be taken advantage of.

A well-trained team can help defend against ransomware and other cybercrimes and can also function as an additional layer of security when (not if) attacks make it through your technical filters.

Concept businessman defending against a fiery arrow, hackers.

What Your Company is Facing

Hackers will work the numbers and send out many attacks indiscriminately, hoping someone will take the bait. A knowledgeable team can help protect against such attacks. Here are three to keep your team up to date on:

  1. Phishing: The most common form of attack. An example: an employee gets an email threatening to close a social media account unless they click on a link and verify their identity.
  2. Malware: Malware is typically installed when someone visits a compromised website or clicks on a malicious link. Training your team to know the signs can help you counter this threat.
  3. CEO Fraud / W-2 Scams: These phishing emails target high-risk users in Accounting and HR asking for the W-2 forms of all employees, with the email looking like it comes from the CEO or a C-level executive. Next, they follow up with an urgent request to transfer a large sum of money to a bank account controlled by cyber criminals.

Building Your Firewall

A little education can go a long way. Get your team up to speed on the importance of vigilance and offer training to recognize and react to any potential threats. Implement technology like multifactor authentication and VPN and train workers on how to use them. Your team can be huge asset in protecting your business from cybercrime.

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